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The Forever Song (The Blood of Eden: Book 3) - Julie Kagawa

4.25“Now, can we please move past this and get on with saving the world?” stars


This is it. The end of Blood of Eden. The end of Allie. Kanin. Zeke. Jackal.
I put this off for so long, because I knew, I knew. There would be no more. And now, I can’t take it back. Pretty please can I unread this? ;_;

Allie has lost the love of her life, Zeke. He was taken, and brutally murdered. Allie is out for revenge for his captor, but this isn't her greatest worry. Sarren has a mutated version of red lung. It can kill vampires and humans alike. Allie, Kanin, and Jackal must hunt him down and prevent him from spreading it. But Allie's ultimate goal is revenge. Revenge for taking the first and only person she has ever loved since her mother was taken from her.


As per Julie Kagawa, this book is really well written, with no plot holes. Well... Except one. What is it you ask? It's where they can eat from blood bags, and yet not be able to drink from a dead host, or the blood that has spilled from them. But besides from that, it has NO PLOT HOLES! WHOOT, WHOOT!


What I didn't like was... Was... Uh... Uhm...The plot hole? Not exactly a plot hole, more like an error? And maybe, the weak characters (Allie and Zeke) but I'm pretty sure they were portrayed like that for a reason...

You know what. No spoilers (well, except one). All the gifs are up for interpretation. Go for it!


In the first third, there's a whole lot of this,

and this
And the last third, a whole lotta this,

(show spoiler)


He blinked, and his palm traced a searing path down my cheek, his gaze intense. “I love you, Allison,” he whispered, making my stomach twist into a knot. “With everything in me—heart, mind and soul.

(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)



Zeke took three steps forward, took me gently in his arms, and pressed his lips to mine.

(show spoiler)


and this!

And as Julie says "As you probably know by now, your tears feed my muse."



Hope you enjoy my first attempt at a booklikes review (also posted on gr https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/749373125)