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4.25 “It’s a kilt, dumbass.” stars.

Hot Head - Damon Suede

Griff you big cutie!

4.25 “It’s a kilt, dumbass.” stars.

Meteor Strike
He fiddled with the pleats of his kilt and strangled on his cowardice.

Griff and Dante have been friends for years, and then, eventually, worked together in the same fire-station and truck. Griff starts having some strange feelings for Dante, he starts pulling away because he doesn't know how Dante would act if he knew...

Griff has been part of the Anastagio family for years, being drawn in because of his fathers unnaffectionate behaviour. Griff spends a lot of time with Dante, in his job, and out- Heck they've even had sex at the same time, in the same bed. They're close as they can be. Griff begins to have thoughts about Dante, ones where he imagines them kissing... among other things. Dante is having money troubles, he's going to lose his house, he comes up with an idea; masturbate for a gay porn site- easy money. Alek, the owner of HotHead.com asks him if he would bring a friend- he would pay him more money. So Dante asks and Griff can't help but say “yes.” he would, after all, be able to kiss Dante, and he would never know that his real motivation wasn't the money...

I hadn't actually read the blurb, I wanted to start reading without knowing what it was about. And I'm happy as a bumble bee that I didn't read it. The porn website came as an absolute shock to me... But I loved it anyway!

Hot Head (the audio-book) was incredibly hard to rate. It was really hard to focus on what the narrator was saying if you were doing something else. It was hard to tell who was talking and whether it was inner monologue or actually being spoken- although the narrator did a top notch job. And it was hard to tell whether the story had jumped a little or whether you just missed that part. Which all unfortunately reduced my rating slightly. (Maybe would have been 4.5-4.75 if I had read it myself)

We are first(ish) introduced to the Dante and Griff, and I burst out laughing- it may have been because of the narrator singing, or it may have been to do with what other things he was saying...

Griff snuck a glance, and sure enough, a clump of frisky bedbunnies was drifting toward his best friend—hippety-hoppity, pussy on its way.

I really enjoyed the slow development of their relationship, (I absolutely hate insta-love) albeit a little too slow... But he was also coming to terms with being gay himself...

Tommy likes dudes. And I think maybe I like dudes.Definitely one dude, at least.

And when Dante and Griff were doing the hothead.com scenes, I could tell they were so into each other! It was cute, in a smoking hot way.[And afterwards, when they were actually together, adorable.

Two hundred hours of waking up together, of making small repairs and moving Griff's stuff and paying off the debt and fucking like mink.

The one thing that I was getting annoyed with was that Griff was so unsure of himself, and constantly [doubting the signals from Dante.  I just wanted him to stop doubting and kiss him! It really annoyed me because that was a large proportion of the book. I think, without that, it would have been a 5. 

I thought that the single POV was great, it meant that the story was fully developed, and we learnt a whole lot about his personality. We also had no idea whether it was going to work out with Dante, as we couldn't read (or hear) what Dante was thinking. This kept us wondering “What if they don’t have mutual feelings?” which I think kept me interested in the story.

Loved the plot! Although, expanding my point from above, I would have made it a little shorter, so that there was less angst for me waiting for him to make a move.

I can't really say whether it was written well... because it was an audio-book... HAHA. You so funny!

Just kidding, it was clearly well written, I particularly loved the foul language.

Do I recommend? Would I ever!


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