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Constricted (Beyond the Brothel Walls) - Rae Ryans

DNF on page 137/254 (54%) (16/06/2014)

I'm not going to add spoiler tags, so read at your own peril... 

1.75 “You have more secrets than I do, gorgeous.” stars.

Les Miserables

Korrigan has been in a brothel since before she could walk, many others are there with her. They are starved, beaten, and raped. And then comes along a new master, Lord Petre...

Korrigan was abandoned in a brothel when she was a baby, she never knew who her real parents were. She was raised by Uncle Jules, who runs multiple brothels. She was forced to watch sexual acts since she was 8, and performed oral and sodomy when she was 14. She barely has enough to eat and is beaten daily. She is finally released just before she turns 18, she has been sold. She knows nothing about her new master, just that he paid a pretty penny for her. On the train to meet her master, she meets Petre. Petre is attractive, kind, and barely older than she is. He's her master and has been 21 for 300 years. He's a vampire, and she is no mere human.

I was incredibly excited to begin reading Constricted because I had never read anything about brothels, and what life could be like there. I had, though, just finished Hot Head, where they are on a porn website, and we are shown the lives behind porn stars, so I thought this would be a good continuation of that theme. It had also been over 6 months since I had read anything about nephilim (children of humans and angels). And it had also been far too long since I read a dark romance.

I was really happy with the beginning, and I thought I would (maybe) give it 5 stars if it continued that way. See the first paragraph below...

Human life held value. A virgin attracted more wealth than a used up hag. What my master had paid for mine, I didn't know. I’d been born of unfortunate circumstance and abandoned as an infant. Like most women of the rebuilt world, I existed as a slave to men. Slaves never voiced opinions if they wished to live. Without an owner, I’d wilt away or succumb to the harsh conditions of the broken world.

Sounds great right? That sort-of theme carried on for a few paragraphs and I was incredibly happy.

Korri is sortof like a social recluse, she knows nothing of the real world except that of what her Uncle Jules told her. Which is sort of nice because it opens up a new world for her...

She was a servant, but above me. Paid to clean and attend, where my job was to please and make men feel loved. They had every right to beat me if I failed, because I only have the right to life and air to breathe. Everything else fell to my master to provide. Jules reminded me every day. Without a master, I’d die, but now it hadn’t seemed like such an awful idea.

But I think she changes into what we would call normal far too quickly (only a day!)

Tears ran down my face, and I shook my head as Ipulled the door open.

Which also leads me onto the annoying behaviour of our female MC. She has just seen his vampire teeth and eyes, so she runs out... and straight back in again. She sound have either (a) stayed still because she was taught to obey or (b) ran away and never came back.

And then... *BMMKAPOW* insta-love. Insta-love is a huge faux-pas of mine. And with insta-love ususally comes drama, lots, and lots, of drama. 

Korri has been (anal or oral) raped since she was 14, so I don't understand why she leads Petre on (initiating kissing and the rubbing of genitals) and walks around naked all the time? Hmmm?

So, we have our insta-love. Korri(gan) and Petre don't (do) want to have sex, but they don't... But they get pretty close to it and then one of them (either throws a paddy or) runs off. Petre has a contract with her 'uncle' which says that he can't leave her alone. Petre runs off after an almost sex and follows Korri's wishes to demolish all the brothels run by her uncle. This has breached the terms of agreement... and the uncle comes for her. Korri, although they're in the middle of nowhere, answers the door. In comes two of his goons. Uh-oh we just let in the bad guys. *runs to the stables* uh-oh, the demonic uncle is there. The uncle then takes her and rapes her? 

And then, he breaks her neck. That was my favourite part. Is that bad? My favourite part is when the MC dies. I thought maybe, just maybe, the book will go in a different direction, and them BLAWMSHMAMCLAM she's a vampire *sigh* that was the point in which I finally decided to throw down the towel.

There are also many things that are overlooked, such as that she is a nephilim? Or is she? If she's a nephilim, how does she become a vampire? Why does Petre want her, I mean, really? Why does Jules want her? How is Jules a demon? If his brother is so evil, why does he ride him everywhere (he's a horse?) wouldn't he just like buck him off and trample him? Why does he help his brother to find Korri? Can we just expand our points, please?!?

There seems to be missing parts, and then we just skip onto another part and I'm like “What just happened here?” *goes back a page or two* nope, I didn't miss anything.

There were very few grammatical errors, and was written at a nice pace (if there wasn't so much drama)

A copy of Constricted was kindly provided to me by Rae Z. Ryans, the author, in exchange for an honest review.