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Promises - Marie Sexton
Jensen Ackles
“I wish I could stop thinking about you. I wish I didn't miss you so much.” 

Jared was born and raised in Coda, only leaving to go to college. His whole family lives in Coda, his mum, brother and his sister in law. He was always more attracted to guys than girls, and over time, he realised that he was gay. While at college he got a degree in teaching. But instead of becoming a teacher, he opted out and works at his family's automobile shop. And then in walks Matt, wanting to buy their jeep, and they have an instant connection.

Jared works at the family's hardware turned automobile shop, where he is a co-owner with his brother, Brian, and sister in law, Lizzy. Jared has a degree in teaching, but doesn't want to act on it due to the stigma of being a gay teacher. But it's a good job he isn't a teacher, or he would have never of met Matt. Lizzy is selling her jeep in preparation for the arrival of their first child, it's parked outside of their shop. Matt has a new job at the Coda police department, but he needs a car. He spots a Jeep for sale outside of an automobile shop... He goes in and meets Jared. They hit it off; instant friends. But it can never be more than friends, even though Jared wants it to be, afterall, Matt's not gay, or so he tells himself...

I am quickly becoming addicted to audio-books, and because I'm going to a different college this year, I have a two hour drive each way. Perfect. 12 hours a week of audio-books, I can finally work through my to-read list, but with audio instead. 

However, as much much fun as audio-books are, I had difficulty with this one. When it started, I thought there was two perspectives. And two perspectives would be really hard to keep up with in an audio-book, it's hard enough to just read two. Also, the darn narrator was terrible; he used the same tone with minute variations for everything, and all the characters sounded the same! There were also no pauses between scenes, so I felt like it was skipping all the freaking time. He also got a few words jumbled up... and I didn't like his accent that much. I knocked off a few points (.5) for that because if a book had typo's I would reduce the rating also, they're practically the same thing. I could reduce it more though, but I really enjoy just closing my eyes (not paying attention to anything else) and just listening to the story.

I have also listened to Hot Head by Damon Suede, and I, by far, preferred Promises. But they have the same rating, because of the poor audio of Promises. I think Promises would have been a 4.75-5 if I had of read it myself.

I didn't read the blurb, because I think blurbs just spoil the story. I like either going in knowing everything or knowing nothing. And so everything that happened was a surprise (well... sortof a surprise, I knew they would end up together etc.), like I didn't know that he was a cop until I was told in the story. 

The first scene we see, is where Matt and Jared meet- Matt wants to buy Lizzy's (Jared's sister in law) car. Jared is instantly attracted to him, and I can definitely tell why! 
He was probably in his early thirties... just over six feet tall, with military-short black hair and a couple of days’ worth of dark stubble on his cheeks... Broad shoulders and big arms showed he worked out. He was gorgeous... a touch of green in those steel- gray eyes... yum.

I really hate insta-love. And thank ducks I haven't come across any insta-love in M/M. Without insta-love, their relationship can grow and prosper, and I really enjoyed the slow development of Matt and Jared's relationship. They're just so cute! (Even before they were in a relationship!)
I laughed. “You’re right. In fact, it’s going to be so cold tonight, our only hope for survival is for you to share my bag.” He laughed a little at that, too, but then he pulled his shirt off, and it was all I could do not to stare.

I also enjoy realism in my stories, where they can actually happen. The only things I thought were mother f*cking stupid was where [ Cherie's ex-husband murdered Cherie and wrecked Matt's apartment and Jared's house, and then shot Jared. Like W.T.F man?

I was actually out with my friend while I was listening to Promises, and I snorted. A lot. She just kept looking at me like I was crazy. But I told her that “It's OK, I'm not crazy.” I don't think she believed me, though.
He gave me the pseudo-grin as he handed me a cup of [coffee].
“What’s so funny?” I asked him.
“You talk in your sleep.”
Oh shit! Of course, I knew that I sometimes talked while dreaming, and I tried to sound very casual as I asked, “What did I say?” I was hoping like hell it hadn't been about him.
“You said, ‘let me follow it’, and I asked ‘follow what?’, and you said, ‘the trail’.”
I turned away so he couldn't see me turning red and said, “I was dreaming about mountain biking.”

When they're actually together, f*cking adorable!
I grabbed his hips and pulled him over to me. I kissed his stomach first, as he had done to me. The trail of hair leading down from his navel was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I remembered that night in the tent, months before, when I had been so turned on by the thought of it. Tonight I actually did follow it, first with my fingertips, and then with my lips and tongue.

Oh, almost forgot (yeah right, I did not forget.), and their sex scenes... mmm...
As soon as my body closed around the head of his shaft, his eyes closed, and I felt him shudder. With a groan low in his chest, he pushed the rest of the way in, not hard enough to hurt exactly, but I was glad it wasn't my first time. Then he froze and seemed to be holding his breath as he said, “Oh Jesus, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be.” It felt wonderful, actually. I was already arching into him, amazed at how well we seemed to fit together. I realised how close I was to coming already.
“Oh my God, that feels incredible,” he said. He was holding perfectly still yet trembling with the effort of it.
“For me too. Jesus, Matt, I need you to move. I can’t hang on much longer.”
“If I move an inch, I’m going to come.”
“I think that’s the point.”

I wanted to punch Matt's dad's lights out though. Bigoted idiot.

I didn't like when Matt didn't talk to Jared for near two months though, hence the other .25 drop in my rating.

I loved the humour that was encompassed in all of it. The plot was great and yet simple.

A beautiful simple story, which I most certainly recommend.
You can see the original review here; https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/969411992
thank you :)